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Перевод Bore. Изучение. Здесь вы можете найти перевод слова Bore. Bore [bo:] - сверлить.

гл., перех. сверлить; буравить; бурить; bore a tube растачивать трубу; bore a hole сверлить дыру. гл., неперех. бурить; bore for oil бурить в поисках нефти; bore through a crowd...

Waiting is a bore. Ожидание - это скука. He bore her no malice. Он не питал к ней никакой злобы. принял на себя удар нападения. She bore herself with dignity.

см. также другие слова , начинающиеся на B: bore hole - (noun существительное) буровая скважина; шпур. boreal - (adjective имя прилагательное) северный.

intransitive verb. 1a : to make a hole by or as if by boring insects that bore into treesb : to sink a mine shaft or well boring for oil.

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That's short for 'step here and break ankle.'" She picked up one of the pylons to reveal a circular bore hole that plunged like a bottomless well into the depths of the glacier.

to weary by dullness, tedious repetition, unwelcome attentions, etc.: The long speech bored me.

bore I [bɔ:] 1. n. 1. высверленное отверстие, дыра 2. воен. тех. канал ствола 3. диаметр отверстия, калибр 4. скучное занятие, скука; what a bore ! какая скука!

Encyclopédie Universelle. bore — bore; bore·cole; bore·dom; bore·mat·ic; bore·scope; bore·some English syllables. Bore — may refer to:* Bore (engine), the diameter of a cylinder in a piston engine...

Bore or Bores may refer to: Drill. A hole drilled or milled by boring (manufacturing), especially a large hole: Bore (engine), the diameter of a cylinder in a piston engine. Bore (wind instruments), the interior chamber of a wind instrument. Gauge (bore diameter), the inner diameter of the barrel of a firearm.

Предложения. Your complaints bore me. Мне надоели твои жалобы. Она родила ему четверых детей. That effort bore no fruit. Эти усилия не увенчались успехом.

Английский - Английский - Bore. n. hole; diameter, caliber; cylindrical hollow (gun barrel, etc.); surge of water v. drill a hole; advance, progress; cause boredom, make weary n. boron, chemical element.

bore meaning, definition, what is bore: to talk or act in a way that makes someone lose interest Meaning of "bore" in the English Dictionary.
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